What to Consider Before Deciding on Varicose Vein Treatment

When leg veins do not return blood to the heart properly, the veins swell and become visible on the skin’s surface. These ugly, bulging veins are called varicose veins. In the past, the only option for removing them was surgery. Today Varicose vein treatment can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

Varicose veins can be caused by pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, obesity, and age. Often they are heredity. Typical symptoms include aching legs, swelling, and legs which tire easily. Legs may become discolored, and patients could have night cramps. When these symptoms are left untreated, the problem can get worse and cause complications such as ulcerations. These can be hard to treat. In the past the only option was surgery. This meant an expensive hospital stay and fairly long recuperation. Medicine has advanced to the stage where varicose veins can be treated at a qualified clinic. Specially trained vascular physicians can perform same-day Varicose vein treatment in Schaumburg IL, with little discomfort to the patient. There are basically two types of treatment:

VASCULAR LASER SURGERY: This surgery takes less than an hour, and is done in the office. The doctor inserts a fiber into the vein, then uses laser energy to close it. Removal of diseased veins does not affect the patient’s circulation, since the blood will begin to flow through healthier veins. As soon as the procedure is complete, patients are urged to begin walking.

PHLEBECTOMY: This procedure is used to remove a varicose vein which covers a large area. The vein is removed through several small incisions which do not need stitches. There are no side effects or scars and it can be done in the office. Patients can go back to most normal activities within twenty-four hours and strenuous activities within about two weeks. They usually wear support stockings for a while, to help reduce swelling.

A clinic that performs same-day varicose vein procedures will typically offer a free consultation and help patients determine what treatment options they have. Many procedures are considered medically necessary and are covered by insurance. Treatments are less expensive than traditional surgery, since no hospitalization is required. Today’s procedures are safe, convenient, and cost effective. Contact Skypoint Vein today.

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