Different Ways To Use Ice Luges in Suffolk In County, NY

Ice luges can be used as a decoration or as a useful tool to serve beverages and drinks. If, for example, a banquet is going to be held to honor members of a committee, ice luges Suffolk County, NY can be used in the following ways to make the event successful and pleasing for all who attend.

Decorative Centerpiece

An ice luge can be carved out so that it contains intricate channels that form a design. If it is set up on a waterproof layer, it can be used as a fancy centerpiece. Lights, candles, or foliage can be arranged around a luge so the ice sculpture draws attention to a specific area. A luge can be used to decorate a banquet table or be set up on a flat surface in the middle of a room to attract the attention of guests attending a social function.

Appetizer Serving Tool

If small food items are going to be served and they are perishable, an ice luge will help maintain their freshness. A luge will also make it convenient for individuals to select appetizers they prefer. An array of finger foods, such as raw vegetable slices or fruit pieces, can be placed inside of each carved-out portion of a luge. Because a luge will last for several hours, food will not be at risk of spoiling. If a luge is used to display food, people may be more inclined to try different appetizers because of how attractive the luge is.

Beverage Dispenser

If a luge is set up at an angle, drinks that are being served can be poured through each channel that has been carved in the ice. People can collect beverages at one end of a luge with a glass or cup. Another person who is in charge of serving drinks can pour their beverage of choice through different carvings.

A luge can also be used to assist with a drinking game. If people will be drinking alcoholic beverages and would like to see who can finish theirs quicker, two or more beverages can be poured through a luge. Once beverages are collected, competitors can try to drink beverages in a shorter amount of time. More information about ice luges Suffolk in County, NY can be acquired by contacting Long Island Ice & Fuel or a similar company.

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