Defending Yourself Against Being Deported From The US

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Lawyers

If you are facing deportation from the US don’t look for any relief from officialdom, you won’t get it. The judge is there to judge the case, not to act as your lawyer, your hope lies with a skilled deportation attorney in Chicago.

If you arrive in court on your appointed day and your only defense is “I’m a nice guy, I work hard and my family needs me” chances are you will be deported. Granted, the proceedings don’t happen at the moment but you can rest assured that the judge will highly recommend that you get yourself a good deportation attorney in Chicago to help determine if you have a defense against removal.

How the attorney can help:

The time to hire a deportation lawyer is before the hearing, not after you have been deported. Your attorney will spend time to discover whether the charges against you are valid and if there are extenuating circumstances that would warrant defending you against deportation action. Immigration law is extremely complicated, only a seasoned deportation attorney will know if there are ways and means to avoid the action.

* Perhaps the charge is false, perhaps the infraction you committed is not one that warrants deportation

* Perhaps you qualify for asylum because you know that you will be persecuted should you return to your home country

* Perhaps you are the immediate relative of us citizen and you are eligible for a green card

Even if your deportation pushes through there will be a great deal of information about you on record, this makes the chances of winning on appeal better. Although your appeal does not reopen the case, it does allow your deportation attorney in Chicago the opportunity to argue that the judge did not make the correct decision based on the information that was made available at the time.

If you are facing removal from the United States you will want a good deportation attorney in Chicago to handle your defense. You are invited to discuss your situation with Din Law, LLC. Like us on our facebook page.

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