3D Milling and Your Machine Shop

Milling services have been around for many years. They provide a great deal of business and some shops today are offering 3D milling services. Let’s take a closer look at the process, to see if your company may benefit from it.

What is Three Dimensional Milling?

Common milling processes remove material from metal. Some methods can be more complex than others, but there is only so much one can do with this process. However, thanks to multi axis CNC machining, it’s possible to create many different shapes and sizes in three dimensions.

Milling with Multiple Axes

Standard CNC machining uses three axes, which are linear. However, when you add another axis or two you have the capability to machine in a rotary fashion. It offers these benefits:

Intricate designs and shapes – when you add additional functions to your machining equipment, you can create more complex designs and shapes, including 3D milling. This opens up a new world of possibilities.

Less Work

Once you have the capabilities of 4 our 5 axes, you can perform more tasks without the need to reset your machinery. For example, with standard machining, you must stop the equipment and reset if you are milling in a one direction and want to go to in another direction. This is not required with the right equipment in your shop.

Greater Accuracy

Even the most accurate equipment depends on alignment between machine and work piece. When you keep the work piece mounted in place to perform several operations, there are no realignment issues to worry about and this can greatly increase your accuracy.

More Impressive Finishes

With multiple axes machining, you can get parts closer to cutting tools. This gives you less vibration and finer finishes. For 3D milling, finishes may be the most important aspect of the work.

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