Contact Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Immediately After An Injury

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Lawyers

There’s only one thing that’s worse than becoming injured at work: It’s the realization that you’ll be facing an interruption of the income that you’ll need to take care of your family.

If dealing with the pain and the inconvenience of a work-related injury wasn’t bad enough, you might find that your employer behaves in a manner that’s less than ethical. Specifically, you might find that your employer refuses to compensate you for your workplace injury, and your employer might also claim that they’re right to refuse you compensation, due to incompetence or negligence on your part.

You might not be able to wrap your mind around the image of your employer betraying you in your time of need, especially if you’ve built relationships with management, and particularly if you’ve shown yourself to be a loyal, dutiful employee. However, when it comes to a company’s bottom line, you should never underestimate how far your employer might go to save a few bucks.

If all of this sounds like your worst nightmare, it gets worse! Before your employer denies your claim for worker’s compensation, they’ll send you to a physician. But here’s where things get sticky: The physician they’ll send you to is contracted by your employer!

What are the chances that the contract physician, the professional who is being paid by your employer, would report your injuries in a manner that’s non-partial and fair? Again, this is the person who is being paid by your employer. To whom do you believe they’d be loyal to, regardless of what’s right or ethical?

These are examples of the exact reasons why you’ll need to reach out to workers compensation lawyers Minooka, immediately after your workplace injury. If you’re not able to contact workers compensation lawyers Minooka due to the extent of your injuries, then have a trusted relative make the call.

You don’t deserve to be cheated out of your worker’s compensation award, and we want to help you. Find out how to contact us to schedule an appointment at

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