Common Security Threats In The Cloud

Any computer system is potentially at risk for vulnerabilities that make it more likely there will be a security breach. In general, a public cloud is safe, with the proper security in place. However, issues can exist that create potential risks that companies should be aware of to help reduce the risk of any security threats to data and applications.

Lack of Encryption

End-to-end encryption is one of the most effective ways to keep data safe in the cloud. When data is encrypted, even with a security breach, the data is unreadable to the hacker.

Developing and maintaining encryption protocols and ensuring all data stored in the cloud is encrypted is the most effective way to prevent this problem. Training employees and those accessing the cloud apps and data about encryption protocols is critical.

Denial-of-Service Attacks

Denial-of-service attacks are not new, but they are on the rise. When businesses move their computing and data to the cloud, a denial-of-service attack can leave the business without access to required information and applications.

Implementing proactive security measures in the cloud that identify the early signs of changes in web traffic and dynamically manage traffic and resources to maintain the operations is critical. This technology is available in the cloud and is highly effective in thwarting denial of service attacks by hackers.

Incorrect Configuration

Incorrect setup and configuration in the cloud creates vulnerabilities that leaves the company open to potential security threats. Having the cloud service provider complete the migration and setting up security is a simple way to avoid this type of security risk.

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