Tips For Making Your Business Secure In The Cloud

The cloud is extremely secure, offering layers and levels of protection not found in most in-house servers. However, there are always things that any business can do to boost security.

The following are important steps in keeping your business secure when you migrate to the cloud:

  • Consider needed security – if security requirements are regulated by your industry, or if you store sensitive data, talk to the cloud provider about the required security levels. Different types of clouds and different security protocols can be put in place in the cloud to secure essential business assets.
  • Check the provider’s record – look carefully at any cloud hosting provider and check their reputation for providing a secure environment.
  • Look for credentials and certifications – specific types of credentials and certifications, such as HIPPA, PCI DSS, and ISO, demonstrate a provider with a focus on providing a secure cloud environment for customers.
  • Tier lll designation – data centers with a Tier lll designation not only have uptime that exceeds 99.9%, but they also offer continuous monitoring of both the systems as well as the facility.
  • Review all documentation – before signing any contract or SLA with a cloud provider, review the security protocols in the contract and make sure they meet the standards required by the industry or your company.
  • Train employees – most security breaches in the cloud are not provider, software, or network breaches. Instead, they are security mistakes by employees. This includes using multi-factor authentication, setting minimum password requirements, training on cybersecurity, and monitoring login attempts and online activity.

Keeping your business secure in the cloud is an ongoing focus. Working with a top cloud hosting provider makes it an easier process.
Talk to the cloud experts at Web Werks with any questions you may have about cloud security. More information is always available at

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