Chinese Medicine Doctorate Program at CCMU

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Welcome to the premier destination for advancing your expertise in traditional healing practices – CCMU’s Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) degree program. Dive deep into the essence of classic Chinese medicine over a transformative 24-month journey, meticulously designed to elevate your practice and scholarly pursuits.

DAOM Degree Program: A Closer Look

Our Chinese Medicine Doctorate program is not just an educational pathway; it’s a bridge to deeper knowledge and refined skills in the field of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. With a comprehensive curriculum that spans 1,215 hours and awards 53.5 credits, this post-graduate program is tailored for practitioners seeking to reach the pinnacle of their profession.

CCMU’s Definition of Classic Chinese Medicine

At CCMU, we honor the rich legacy of Chinese medicine, interpreting its classic principles through a modern lens. Our DAOM program is rooted in this philosophy, ensuring that every graduate is not only proficient in traditional techniques but also equipped to adapt to the evolving needs of healthcare.

DAOM Program Essentials

Our curriculum is crafted to encompass the breadth and depth of Chinese medicine. From advanced diagnostic methods to integrative treatment strategies, the program offers an unparalleled learning experience that includes:

  • Admissions: Open to practitioners eager to advance their clinical and academic prowess.
  • Program and Curriculum Overview: A rigorous exploration of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and integrative health.
  • Cohort Schedules: Offering flexibility with our 2023 Fall and 2024 Summer cohorts.
  • DAOM Catalog: Your guide to the comprehensive academic journey awaiting at CCMU.

Financial Planning

Understanding the financial commitment to your education is crucial. We provide detailed information on:

  • Tuition and Fees: Transparent and straightforward, ensuring you know the investment in your future.
  • Financial Support Plan: Tailored options to support your educational journey, including scholarships and financial aid.

Beyond Academics

At CCMU, we believe in the power of community and real-world experiences. Our program is enriched with:

Join Our Next Cohort

Embark on a journey to mastering Chinese medicine with CCMU’s Doctorate program. Whether you’re looking to enhance your clinical skills, delve into research, or become a pioneer in integrative health, our DAOM program offers the foundation, knowledge, and community to support your ambitions.

Explore our Admissions page to start your application or contact us directly for more information. Your path to becoming a distinguished practitioner of Chinese medicine starts here at CCMU.

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