A Small Business Insurance Agency in Howell, MI Can Offer Coverage to a New Company

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Insurance

Every successful business starts with a strong strategy. This includes things like marketing, choosing employees, and mitigating risks. The first step is to build a working business plan. The next is to purchase insurance. There are a lot of insurance products available but there are some that are essential for every small business owner.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This kind of insurance covers employees who get sick or hurt on the job. It protects small businesses from serious financial losses due to employee injuries. Workers who get hurt on the job may receive coverage for their medical expenses and partial compensation while they are unable to work. In many cases, workers’ compensation insurance isn’t just a good idea for the business: it’s the law. Business owners can consult with an agent from Cobb-Hall Insurance to discuss the requirements for their company.

Liability Insurance

This type of insurance also provides payments directly to injured parties but does not cover employees. Customers and other people who come in contact with the company or its employees are covered by liability insurance. It’s important to talk to a Small Business Insurance Agency in Howell, MI about the risks a company has to determine the appropriate amount of coverage.

Crime Insurance

Nearly any company could be a crime victim. This type of policy protects a business against losses related to crimes committed by employees. Employee theft is very common in the retail industry, but crime coverage is valuable to every industry. If an employee steals money, something that belongs to a client, or intellectual property, the company may not have to incur a financial loss.

Small businesses tend to operate on limited budgets. A Small Business Insurance Agency in Howell, MI can help a company mitigate its risks, so the owners feel more comfortable investing revenue back into the business. Insurance should be one of the first things a company purchases and no company with employees should operate without workers’ compensation insurance. Having sufficient coverage could protect a company from unnecessary financial risks and take care of employees and customers if something goes wrong.

Start your journey to success by safeguarding your new company with essential insurance coverage. From worker’s compensation to liability and crime insurance, our team at Cobb-Hall Insurance in Howell, MI is here to guide you through the process. Contact us today or visit our website at Cobbhall.com to discuss your insurance needs and ensure your business is on the path to success.

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