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by | Aug 8, 2018 | Cosmetic & Plastic

As you age, you won’t notice subtle differences in your face until someone else points it out. Since we look at ourselves in the mirror every day, we don’t notice a small change here or a tiny wrinkle there. Instead, you might notice it in a photograph all at once. You probably find yourself wondering how to revert this aging.  If you’re suffering from droopy eyelids, here are a few things you should know to better understand your condition.

Drooping Eyes

Drooping eyes, or ptosis in medical terms, refers to when your eyelid muscles can’t support your lids anymore. This lack of support causes the lids to droop and sag. Not only does this condition add a couple of years on your look, it also can cause vision impairment because of the drooping, as well as general discomfort in the eyelid area. For treating ptosis, you need the help of the best eyelid surgeon. Your surgeon has a few different options for treatment depending on what suits your body best.

Muller’s Muscle Resection

This method of treatment involves your surgeon tightening the Muller’s muscle in your eyelid. This muscle helps to keep the eyelid elevated, and tightening it or returning it to its original position gives eyelids that don’t droop or sag. This method doesn’t even require any incisions or cuts to the eyelid.

Levator Resection

Another similar method of treatment is for your surgeon to tighten the Levator muscle. This muscle also aids you in keeping your eyelids from drooping. The only difference in this method is that a small incision is required to remedy the situation. Undergoing treatment with incisions can make anyone in Chicago anxious. However, your surgeon is more than qualified to professionally and safely perform the surgery and give you the results you want.

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