3 Appearance Issues Addressed by Rhinoplasty in Arlington Heights

Most people choose to have cosmetic surgery to either improve or enhance their current features. Some focus on certain parts of the body while others look to create more of a complete makeover. When it comes to Rhinoplasty in Arlington Heights, patients are often looking to address one of these three common concerns surrounding the nose.

Changing the Tip of the Nose

The tip of a nose is part what defines one person from another. Some patients are looking for a more noticeable tip. Others are looking to have a prominent tip refined, blending it in better to the overall shape of the nose. In either situation, Rhinoplasty in Arlington Heights is the solution. A plastic surgeon can reshape this portion of the nose to create a completely new look, providing patients with increased confidence and assurance in their appearance.

Narrowing the Nose

If a nose is too wide for a person’s face, it can detract from his or her appearance. Some patients want a surgeon to change the nose from the bridge, the area that often begins under the eyes, all the way to the tip. The process starts at one end of the nose and slowly works it way to the other end with a surgeon making sure that the narrowing is smooth and even throughout the nose. Cosmetic surgeons work hard to determine just how narrow the nose can be without creating added medical complications.

Removing a Bump

Sometimes a bump along the bridge of the nose takes away from a person’s aesthetic appeal. It may be so prominent that it is the first thing that people see. During this type of rhinoplasty, the goal is to remove the bump without changing anything else about a person’s appearance. In most cases, the nose remains the same shape and size and the results tend to look more natural.

For those interested in rhinoplasty, Lipo Doc offers multiple resources. With before and after pictures throughout the site, those looking to make a change can get some idea of what to expect from surgery. As with any type of elective surgery, the more information a person obtains before making a decision, the happier he or she will be with the results.


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