Advantages of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs in Tacoma, WA

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Health

Not everyone feels it’s possible to enter an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation program. They have financial and family obligations and cannot remove themselves from the real world for a month or longer. Fortunately, outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs in Tacoma WA, can be just as effective for motivated individuals. There even are some advantages to receiving therapy on an outpatient basis.

One primary benefit of outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs in Tacoma WA, involves learning strategies to stay on the recovery path and putting them into use immediately. Inpatient clients are sheltered for 30 days or more, after which participants abruptly come back to their normal situations. In contrast, a person participating in outpatient individual counseling and group therapy quickly learns which methods are most effective for his or her own personality.

For some individuals dealing with chemical dependency, getting away from their friends and family members is beneficial during the initial recovery process. Those people may also be wrapped up in a partying or daily drinking lifestyle. However, other individuals who have become dependent on alcohol know they will receive substantial emotional support from friends and relatives after they quit using. They want to be able to rely on that close contact while making essential lifestyle changes and receiving therapy at a facility such as Alternative & Action Counseling.

The lack of access to alcohol during inpatient therapy is a benefit for many people who haven’t been able to stop drinking when the substance is available. But, others prefer to deal with their temptations right away. They know that even if they enroll in inpatient treatment, they will have to deal with the existence of alcohol beverages once they come home. They’ll still drive by bars and liquor stores, and they will probably spend time with other people who drink. They don’t want to avoid that reality.

In addition, outpatient therapy generally costs less because there are no fees for room and board. Also, the clients don’t need to take an unpaid leave of absence from work. Not everyone can afford that. The option for receiving counseling in an outpatient setting is invaluable.

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