3 Times You Need a Social Security Lawyer

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Lawyers

Millions of Americans are living with a disability due to medical conditions or injuries. Regardless of the reason for the disability, the Social Security Administration has programs to help those who cannot work. While the Social Security must be vigilant to prevent fraudsters from obtaining benefits, it can be difficult for those with a legitimate disability to get the benefits that they need.


The Social Security application process allows individuals to apply on their own. However, the complexities of the rules and regulations concerning disability determinations, makes it difficult for the average person to make a timely and successful application. By hiring a Social Security Lawyer in Maryville to help with the application process, a person is much more likely to be successful and to quickly obtain his or her disability benefits. This is especially true for the calculation of retroactive disability payments.

Denial Appeals

Many disability applications are denied on the first attempt. Whether a person made an application with or without the assistance of an attorney, an attorney can help with the appeals process. When Social Security issues a denial, the agency will list reasons for the denial. An experienced Social Security lawyer in Maryville can help an applicant to properly file an appeal and provide the needed information to change the denial to an approval.

Payment Errors

The Social Security system provides reliable payments to millions of people each month. However, a small percentage of cases will run into problems each year. Problems could occur due to a variety of circumstances including missed reviews and miscalculated benefits. If a person’s benefit check stops or is reduced due to an alleged overpayment, he or she may need the services of an attorney.

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