Worn Suspension Parts Create a Safety Hazard

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Automotive

The suspension system in an automobile is one the most ignored systems on a vehicle. However, the suspension plays an important role. A suspension not only helps to keep a vehicle comfortable, but it also helps to keep it safe. A worn suspension can create a hazardous situation that can result in a driver losing control of a vehicle.

Worn Shocks

Shock absorbers are most commonly found on the rear wheels. They work to cushion the movement of the vehicle as it travels over rough roads. Shocks typically wear out over time as the oil inside the shock breaks down or leaks. The shock mounting points on the vehicle can also bend or break.

Worn Struts

Struts do a similar job as a shock, but the strut is also part of the vehicle’s steering mechanism. In most cases, the strut will be surrounding by a small coil spring. Struts are generally found on the front wheels of a vehicle. The top of the strut typically mounts to the car’s body and the top bolts of the struts are exposed under the hood of a vehicle.

Other Components

The suspension system is more than just shocks and struts. Sway bars, control arms, ball joints, tie rods and other components can also wear. These parts generally create clicking, clunking, grinding and snapping noises when they begin to fail. Leaf and coil springs can also become worn or break. At times, worn suspension parts can be felt in the steering wheel when making turns. Anytime that a driver hears a new sound from the wheel area or feels something new in the steering, it needs to be promptly inspected to determine the cause and the severity of the issue.

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