Women’s health, a growing concern

by | Nov 16, 2011 | Health

If you think that being a man is as tough as it gets, think again. Well, women, specially working wives have to perform tedious tasks everyday. To start off with, getting up early in the morning, preparing your children’s lunch, clean the house, prepare food and then go to work and still find the time to be a great mother and a wife, WHEW!! if that’s not tough then I don’t know what is!! but in today’s world, women’s health is a matter of great concern because this issue seems to be neglected due to a hectic life. One of the popular issues that this article talks about revolves around women’s health.

The world, today, is slowly realizing the ill-effects of ignoring a major issue such as women’s health. Not many women are aware as to how cultural and social norms are leading to a deterioration of their health at various levels. In this article we will throw light on women’s health that is greatly affected by abortion and AIDS.

Abortion has always created a terror in women’s health issues around the world due to the varying degrees of opinions it generates. People who support abortion, believe that the decision to conceive a child rests with the woman while those against abortion raise the right to live question of the unborn child. This condition creates a dilemma mainly when the health of the mother is at risk and many a time the results are never in her favour. So seriously speaking, AVOID SITUATIONS THAT LEAD TO ABORTION!!! I don’t mean to specify, but the youth need to be very careful.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), is another factor that greatly affects women. Yes, men are also affected, but believe me when I say that women bare the majority of the brunt. Hence it is essential to keep women’s health in mind and work towards the betterment of the world.

women's health

women's health

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