Why Your Mechanic Oil Change Is So Important

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Autos

The human body can survive without food for up to three weeks but no more than a week without water. Every cell in our body uses water to keep functioning. One of water’s critical functions is acting as a lubricant for our joints. Like water, oil is used as a lubricant for the moving parts in your car’s engine. And much like how we depend on water, your car depends on oil for survival. Your engine is full of pumping, moving parts and gears that are all working seamlessly to get you from point A to Point B. It’s relatively easy to picture your pistons pumping inside your engine without the proper lubrication. A picture of grinding metal slaving away up and down inside your engine’s cylinders trying desperately to produce power as you step further and further down on your gas pedal is close to unthinkable, yet people do this very thing almost every day.

Riding It Until The Wheels Fall Off

The popular saying “riding it ‘til the wheels fall off” typically implies getting the most out of your investment. In the case of your car, this means servicing your car regularly so you get the most mileage out of it. The easiest and most important service you can do for your car is an oil change. If you fail to bring your car in for regular oil changes (every 3-5 thousand miles), you are pushing your car to near exhaustion and putting your car through unseen stress that will affect its longevity. This is the other side of the saying’s coin: you are pushing your car to an extreme where it would appear you don’t care about it and are truly “riding it ‘til the wheels fall off.” Old oil isn’t nearly as slick as new oil. It becomes gummy and more like sludge as you cruise into the 7-10 thousand miles of its life and soon isn’t helping your car get the work done—it’s interfering with the work.

Simple Service For Less Complicated Services Down The Road

Bringing your car in for its mechanic oil change every 3-5 thousand miles will help to ensure you are not doing any unseen damage to your car and helping to insure its best performance and longevity. When you take your car in for this type of service, you are paying for the oil itself and the service. Often times, mechanics will check other parts of your engine such as pressure hoses or do transmission fluid top-offs. The hour spent at your mechanic every few months pales in comparison to the time and money you’ll spend if/when your car has a major issue from too much time without an oil change.

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