Why You Should Consider Off-Campus UA Student Housing Apartments

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Student Housing Center

Student housing off-campus is ideal for college students who want to reside independently while studying at the University of Arkansas. These apartments allow one to enjoy privacy, convenience and affordability.


Such off-campus student apartments give students the ultimate privacy, totally different from on-campus dormitories. These apartments normally offer single bedrooms, private bathrooms, and even kitchens. This makes it possible for students to be alone and thus have privacy or silence when required.

In addition, being a student in UA student apartments means you don’t have to deal with other students every second, like in dorms. This can enhance an individual’s feeling of independence and creativity, which are advantageous for personal growth.


The student apartments situated off-campus are mainly within a close walking or short driving distance from the campus. This suggests that you won’t have to rely on campus shuttle buses or public transportation because you can get to class without them, saving you both money and time. Additionally, UA student apartments come furnished with amenities like study spaces, exercise centers, and social gathering places, all of which can enhance your college experience.


Living off-campus is usually cheaper than staying on campus, which is usually used for housing by colleges. Off-campus apartments allow you to select a plan that suits your budget and a wide range of amenities or facilities. You will also be able to share the rent and utilities with your roommates, and hence, you can save further.

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