Why Listening Is Important on Your First Date

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Machinery and Equipment

Many individuals like the sound of their own voice and can talk as though in an Olympic event. Professional matchmakers in Boston will explain, when offering their best advice, that listening is more important than talking during the first meeting, but this doesn’t mean you should be silent throughout your entire lunch date.

Do You Listen Properly?

Instead of listening to what the other person are saying, many individuals take that break from their own talking time to think what they should say next. This will come across as showing yourself to be uninterested in what the other person says, perhaps arrogant and the end of the first date may be close.

Because you are focusing on your own point of view and what you will be saying, you are failing to focus on the person that has been selected especially for you by your professional matchmakers in Boston. You may be throwing away a great opportunity to meet an individual that might be right for you, for life.

Hear What They Say

When you are providing your lunch date with the opportunity to speak, you must be able to hear what they say so that you can sense all the details from the words they are communicating with you.

It is dangerous to jump into a conversation when the other person is speaking because they may see you as rude or uninterested in what they say. Matchmakers in Boston will guide you to wait until the other person has stopped speaking, then wait a few seconds before responding. This shows the other individual that you have taken in what they have said and are preparing a measured response.

By listening efficiently, you may pull out all the positives about the person you are meeting with and looking forward to a second date. Conversely, your effective listening skills may bring elements about the other person that will confirm any suspicions you had about refusing a second date. The conversation, however well or poorly it goes, may show that the other person is not listening to you.

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