Why Choose 6061 Aluminum Plate?

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Aluminum Supplier

If your company depends upon materials like aluminum plate, you have several selections when it comes to alloys. However, many companies today are choosing 6061 aluminum plate for their needs. It provides a wide range of benefits and may be the right choice for you.

What is 6061?

6061 is one of the 6000 aluminum series alloys. 6000 aluminum is made with mostly silicon and magnesium. This creates an aluminum alloy which is easy to work with and it can also be welded. In addition, 6061 can be heat treated to increase its strength. Of all the 6000 series aluminum tempers, 6061 is the most popular. In fact, materials like 6061 aluminum plate are considered to be excellent for general purpose use.

Versatility of 6061

6061 is malleable enough to be extruded into all kinds of shapes. In addition it’s resistance to corrosion is so good it can be used in a number of outdoor and marine applications.

Working with 6061 is not hard and there should be no problems if you want to weld or anodize it. 6061 can also be machined, making it very useful for many industrial applications.

Uses for 6061

Because of its exceptional properties, you will find 6061 in these applications:

• Aircraft – can be used to create wings, fuselages and its workability makes it excellent for both private and commercial aircraft applications.

• Automotive – auto part like wheel spacers are commonly made from 6061 aluminum.

• Aluminum cans – although many cans are made from 3004 aluminum, some are made from 6061.

• SCUBA tanks

• Docks

• Fly fishing parts

• Sporting and racing bicycles

• Forged aluminum wheels

• Extruded products like aluminum bar and rod

Why 6061 Aluminum Plate?

Aluminum plates or sheets are made in long flat sections of various sizes. 6061 aluminum sheet has a great deal of resistance to corrosion and sees use in many different components of the aircraft industry including landing mats.

In the marine industry, 6061 aluminum plate is used to create boats both large and small. It is very resistant to saltwater. You’ll see 6061 plate in the creation of large storage tanks and many signs along the highway are 6061 aluminum.

There are many reasons to go with a product like 6061 aluminum plate for your business. Because of its excellent strength and corrosion resistance, it will work well in a number of applications and 6061 is one of the easiest aluminum alloys to work with. In addition, it is a cost effective solution to some of the more expensive alloys.

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