Why Chemo Beanies Are The Best Option For Women

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Shopping

Women who are going through chemotherapy often find that they want to cover up their heads when they start losing their hair as a side effect of their cancer treatments. There are a few options that women can choose from to cover their heads including hats and wigs. But wigs can often be itchy and hot and hats only cover so much. This is why one of the most popular options for women who are going through cancer treatments are chemo beanies.

The Problem with Typical Hats

There are several issues that hats have which make women suffering with hair loss uncomfortable. For started hats are designed for people that have hair. So the crown of the hat is often much too large for women who do not have any hair. Hats also do not cover then entire hairline on the head which makes many women feel self-conscious. Most hats are designed to keep someone’s head warm or to protect them from exposure to the sun. Since they were not designed for women with no hair in mind they are not a good option.

What to Look for with Chemo Beanie

There are a few things the look for when shopping for a chemo beanie. Here are some of the qualities you will want to make sure anything that you are thinking about buying has.

 * Comfortable – any head covering should be comfortable enough for women to be able to wear all day long without slipping, pulling, itching or becoming irritated.

 * Good Fit – head coverings should be specially made for women that don’t have any hair so that they fit properly.

 * Complete Coverage – a good covering needs to be able to cover the entire hair area for the most modesty and discretion.

 * Flexible – the covering should be able to be worn inside or outside in any weather or temperature.

 * Fashionable – Women want to still look nice and have something that goes nicely with their wardrobe.

Fabric Options to Choose From

When choosing a fabric for the beanie it is better to use natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool or linen, since these materials will breathe better and be more comfortable. Synthetic materials tend to be more uncomfortable and itchy which is not something anyone will want to deal with. Another benefit of natural fabrics is that heat is able to easily move through the material to help keep women’s heads from getting too hot or overheated.

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