Where To Donate Books In India

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Charitable Trust

Many adults and children throughout India do not have access to books. Books, including academic books, books for school children, and books that are read just for the love of reading can be gifts to these individuals.

Making the decision to donate books in India is a very worthwhile and caring choice. It allows you to get rid of books you may have in your home, office, or business and give the gift of reading to someone who is less fortunate.

Books to Donate

Most charitable trusts offering a library on wheels or a library membership happily accept any types of books. This includes books for students of all ages, as well as non-fiction books, academic books, and both classic and modern fiction books.

It is important to realize that when you donate books, they will become part of a larger library collection. The more genres and types of books the charitable trust has to offer its members, the more likely the individuals are to find just the book they want to read.

Good Condition

It is not essential for donated books to be in perfect condition, but they should be in good condition. Books are often cherished possessions and they may have been read several times, resulting in a few creases on the pages and signs of some minor wear and tear on the cover.

Most of the charitable trusts that allow individuals and companies to donate books will provide additional information on the types of books they need and any specific information about the donation process.

If you wish to donate books in India, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust is always grateful to accept your donation. To learn more about our library services, see us at ratnanidhi.org.

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