When to Seek Care from Urgent Medical Clinics in Maui

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Healthcare

The Study Center for Health System Change reported on a study done in July 2013 and states that emergency rooms have grown to a total of 9,000 in the United States. While in the United States the health system capacity to combat emergency departments in some areas has grown, the lack of Medical Clinics in Maui and rising health costs have deterred people from seeking care. These emergency centers emerge as an alternative care that can help people access health care and contain costs. While emergency rooms are increasingly popular (there are a total of 9,000+ nationwide, according to the report), experts recommend that patients check their health plan to see what is best economically. Emergency clinics are a good choice when you are not facing an emergency situation, but the cost will depend on the clinical issue and what your health insurance covers.

Besides taking into account the costs and coverage of your insurance, keep in mind these situations when going to a clinic or urgent care:

* A sprain

* Ear infection

* Fever or influenza-like symptoms

* Allergic reactions

* Burns or minor injuries

* Broken bones

* Cough, sore throat, colds

* Animal Bites

In general, situations like these do not threaten your life, but do need immediate attention. And if you’re in doubt experts from Blue Cross & Blue Shield recommend calling Medical Clinics in Maui or the emergency room directly and ask for input. Attending an urgent care in the right situation has many advantages including the waiting time will be less than if you go to an emergency where serious cases are given priority. Besides costs (it may cost a little more than a visit to the doctor, but will always be cheaper than a visit to the emergency room. It also depends on whether you have insurance or not and the type of coverage that will determine the copayment). Urgent care facilities also have extended hours and weekend work.

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