When To Call A MN Workers’ Compensation Attorney

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The MN Department of Labor and Industry is responsible for overseeing the Workers’ Compensation insurance program in the state. As such, it is a statewide program that has been put in place to provide protection and financial compensation to employees that are hurt or injured while on the job or in their designated roles as employees.

One of the advantages to Workers’ Comp, unlike other forms of insurance, is that it is designed to be a no-fault type of system. In other words, the injured employee does not need to provide the employer was negligent or at-fault to claim, and the employer is not able to use negligence of the employee as a defense against a claim.

All Employers Must Carry Workers’ Comp

In the state of MN, all employers are required to carry Workers’ Comp insurance, with just a few very specific exceptions. However, sometimes employers mischaracterize the state of the employees to avoid having to cover the cost of the insurance.
If you are injured on the job and are an employee of the company, talk to a Workers’ Compensation attorney before simply accepting the information from the employer.

Denial of Your Physician

The employer is required to allow an employee to work with a doctor of the employee’s choice. However, there are some specific situations where the employer may request that the employee also see a physician of the employer’s choice.

Employees that are denied the right to work with their own doctor or a doctor of their choice, or who are required to use specific treatments or pharmacies, need to consult with a Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Finally, if the claim is denied, if the employer is delaying the process or if there is any retaliation or change in the employee’s status after the injury or the claim, be sure to speak with a Workers’ Compensation attorney as soon as possible.

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