When Is Companion Care the Best Option?

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Healthcare

Companion care is a home care option that focuses on companionship. Patients that benefit from this type of care typically live alone with little or no prevailing medical conditions. However, these caregivers should also be able to offer healthcare services if a situation should demand it.

Professional companion givers offer three primary services:

• Frequent Mental Stimulation
• Social Interaction
• Improved Quality of Life

Mental Stimulation

Seniors need all the mental stimulation they can get, as this helps mitigate the speed of mental decline associated with advanced age. Mental stimulation needn’t be complicated, however. Frequent conversations, for example, are enough stimulation to keep an aging mind up and active.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is necessary for mental and physical health. As people get older, their social interactions decrease. Consider the case of seniors living independently. They no longer move around as much, and social interactions may be reduced to waving their neighbors as they walk past them.

Companion caregivers make frequent visits and spend time with your senior loved one. If your loved ones prefer to live alone, hire companions for them. It’ll go a long way in keeping them socially active and happy.

Improving Quality of Life

Companion caregivers also assist senior people with their Activities of Daily Life (ADL). These activities include housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. The assistance makes the senior person’s life more manageable.

Companions are also uniquely positioned to monitor your loved one’s mental and physical state. If the caregiver has a medical background, they can easily detect health conditions before they do too much damage. This is why even though many caregivers volunteer their services, you should opt for paid services provided by people with a medical background.

Capital City Nurses are professional companion caregivers with medical backgrounds. If you’re in Mclean, VA, contact us. We are here to help.

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