What You Need To Know About Car Insurance In Austin, TX

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Insurance

In Texas, all drivers are required to fulfill the auto insurance mandate issued by the state. Any failure to comply with local insurance laws could lead to penalties based on the total number of previous offenses. A local insurance provider could explain details about Car Insurance in Austin TX.

What are the Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements?

The minimum auto insurance requirements are $30,000 for single victim accidents and a maximum of $60,000 for accidents with multiple victims. The property damage requirement is $25,000. The minimum requirements don’t include under or uninsured motorist coverage like some states.

Maintaining Proof of Coverage

All auto drivers must maintain proof of coverage and keep it with them whenever they are driving. Proof of coverage is required during any traffic stop, and any driver who doesn’t have proof receives a citation. Proof of coverage is also required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The department requires proof of coverage to register an automobile or to renew the auto tag.

What Could Happen if the Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

If the driver doesn’t have insurance, the state issues a fine of $200. The driver could also incur a driver’s license suspension. In some cases, the driver’s vehicle is impounded. The DMV monitors insurance coverage for all vehicles registered. If the agency doesn’t have updated proof of coverage, a notification is sent to the driver. They have up to ten days to provide new proof of coverage. If the driver doesn’t provide proof of insurance, the fines are applied to their record at the DMV.

Can Accident Victims File a Lawsuit?

Since the state requires at least auto liability coverage, any victim that isn’t compensated through a claim can file a lawsuit. The accident claims include demands for all financial losses incurred by the victim. In some cases, tort-based awards are also potential options in the claims.

In Texas, all drivers must comply with local insurance laws or face penalties. The penalties start at $200. The moving violation could lead to license suspensions and a bad driving record. Drivers who need to know more about Car Insurance in Austin TX are encouraged to Click Here now.

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