What to Expect from a Bail Bonds Company in Greene County, NY

In New York, bail bonding agents provide a bond to any criminal defendant that is eligible for bail. The agents complete all the necessary paperwork and get the defendant to sign when necessary. It’s important for defendant to learn what to expect from a bail bonds company in Greene County, NY and what they need to do to get a bail bond.

Access to the Bondsman in Jail

The county jail allows bondsmen to speak to criminal defendants who are trying to arrange their release. The bonding agents are allowed to go into the jail. The defendants can arrange their release if they have access to their personal belongings or call a representative to pay the bonding agent for them.

A More Affordable Choice Than Bail

Bail bonds are more affordable for some criminal defendants than bail. They pay a percentage between ten and fourteen percent to get the bonds. The fee is paid to the bonding agent directly, and the agent manages all necessary documentation.

Coordination with the Defendant’s Representative

The bail bonding agents can coordinate with the defendant’s representative if they can’t meet during traditional business hours. The representative can meet them at the bonding agent’s company or at the county jail to complete any paperwork. When collateral is used to secure the bond, the representative must provide a deed or title to the agent. Proof of ownership is always needed before any collateral is accepted.

Explaining All Possible Outcomes

If the criminal defendant appears in court, then their representative might get a partial refund for the fees. However, the type of bond defines whether the refund is available. If the defendant doesn’t appear, then the judge signs a warrant for their arrest. Any collateral used for the bond is seized by the bail bondsman.

In New York, bail bonding agents provide a more affordable choice for criminal defendants. The option allows the defendant to pay no more than fourteen percent of their bail. Bonding agents accept monetary payments or collateral to secure the bond. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about a bail bonds company in Greene County, NY can contact us for further details now.

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