What It’s Like to Have Dental Implants Rather Than Natural Teeth

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Cosmetic Dentist

It’s hard to face the fact that your real teeth are no longer as attractive or as functional. Something has to be done, but you’re not sure what type of dental procedure would be best. One avenue that is worth considering is implant dentistry in New York. What would life be like if you opted for some type of implants? Here are a few ideas of what to expect.

They Begin to Feel Like They’re Part of You

It will take a little time before the implants feel natural. This is especially true if you’ve already lost most of your teeth and been without them for some time. Once the implants are in place, you will notice that pronouncing some words won’t require the effort that it took when you still had those failing teeth. You can also chew foods again that were once off the list. Many people find that they begin to forget they have implants in a couple of weeks.

They Make Your Smile Everything That You Want It to Be

How long have you only smiled with your lips tightly kept together? Do you hide behind napkins or your hand so people won’t see your teeth? Are candid photographs the bane of your existence because they might reveal the fact that you have no teeth or that the ones you do have are not in great shape?

When you decide to invest in implant dentistry in New York, all these issues go away. What’s left is a smile composed of perfectly shaped teeth. You can relax and feel free to smile and laugh as much as you like. All anyone will see is what appears to be a healthy set of teeth.

They Make Dental Hygiene Simpler

Another important benefit of implant dentistry in New York is that your dental hygiene efforts are simple. Brush after meals, use mouthwash when you like and go in for annual checkups. Remember to have a cleaning at least once a year. Talk with your dentist before using floss. This basic maintenance will keep the implants looking their best for a long time.

Are you wondering if dental implants are right for you? Call team at Dr. Shekib Cosmetic Dentistry & Makeovers and arrange for a consultation. They will talk with you about the options, what sort of preparation is needed and how the implants will benefit you for years to come. Once you’re ready, they can schedule the procedures and monitor your progress every step of the way.

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