What Is Siberian Chewing Tobacco?

Siberian Chewing Tobacco, or SNUS is actually quite common in Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, and other places—except other parts of Europe where it is illegal. Siberian Chewing Tobacco is in a powdered form. Called a smokeless tobacco product, it is a variant of dry snuff that you might find in Sweden in the early days.


SNUS was introduced in the 16th century in France. Back then, it was introduced as a remedy to cure migraines. Then, it became common as people started using it like chewing gum. It is also said that females using SNUS were deemed acceptable, compared with tobacco. Then the trend spread to Sweden by the 17th century.


Siberian Chewing Tobacco is not fermented and unlike other similar substitutes, it does not need to be spit out. People see it as an alternative to smoking or vaping in the United States. But yes, the one that is found in Siberia or Sweden has different ingredients. SNUS contains tobacco, nicotine, sodium carbonate, and other ingredients. The nicotine in it can cause a slight burning sensation to people who are using it. There are also flavorings of different types available that change the taste and the sensations felt by the person using them. However, the ingredients used may or may not cause further burning sensations for the person and yes that usually happens with people who are trying it for the first time.

As mentioned, you can find chewing tobacco for sale anywhere except Europe.

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