What is PPC Service?

Dealing with the world of online marketing and advertising means navigating a bunch of new concepts and learning new acronyms. One of the more common terms you’ve probably heard is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. You might have also heard of PPC service from time to time, and wondered what that meant. PPC service is closely connected to SEO, and they’re often done in conjunction with each other. So what fundamentally is PPC service?

What Does PPC Service Mean?

PPC stands for “Pay-per-click.” What that means is, your company can actually pay money to a search engine to show your website more prominently on certain services. You’ve probably seen them before: when you search for something and the first few responses have a little green tag that labels them “Ads”. Sometimes, you’ll see the same website on both the PPC area and the regular list, which is when both SEO and PPC are doing their jobs correctly. Like SEO, it’s a strategy that is used to get your website higher up on the search engine when certain phrases are typed in, which is important because the vast majority of potential customers will end up clicking one of the first few links. In some ways, PPC is more simple than SEO, because you’re directly purchasing a spot on the list instead of finagling your website to make sure it appears there, but in other ways, applying PPC effectively can be very difficult, which is where PPC services come in.

What PPC Services Do

As with any market, there is the flux of supply and demand when it comes to PPC placements, or at least, a flux of demand, as the supply is theoretically infinite. What that means is, depending on how in demand a particular set of keywords is, the more it will cost to get a paid placement when someone types in that phrase. The most commonly used, and thus most expensive, phrases are usually the most general. Say you were trying to advertise your own PPC service. Simply paying for a list placement would be quite expensive, because the search term is so general. But if you wanted to limit your paid placements for only searches in your area, you could pay for PPC Service in Denver CO. Not only would that cost less to advertise, it would also be more effectively aimed at potential customers. The point of a PPC service is to determine, utilizing all the available data, what word strings will be most cost effective, and paying for placements under those search terms. Contact Morrison Digital Marketing for more information on PPC Services.

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