What Is New York Spa Dentistry And Its Benefits?

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Dentist

The word dentist strikes fear in many Americans. Almost 70 percent of all adults in the US are scared to some extent because of the strange noises, the discomfort of having your mouth open for extended periods and more. More and more dentists are turning to alternative options to make people in New York feel more comfortable about visiting because just telling people of all the scary things that could happen if they don’t go usually doesn’t work.

Therefore, spa dentistry was developed as a way to ease fears, but what exactly is it and why is it beneficial?

What Are Dental Spas?

You’ve got three primary types of spas available, including rejuvenating, pampering and therapeutic. Pampering spas offer services like hand massages, warm hand towels, and aromatherapy to calm the patient and make them more relaxed.

Therapeutic spas use massages, facials and even manicures/pedicures to keep patients relaxed while rejuvenation spas provide a variety of skin treatments, all while having dental work done.

It should be noted that in most cases, the dentist will not perform their procedures while the pampering happens. It is usually done before the procedure, so the patient feels more relaxed and comfortable.


The primary advantage of New York spa dentistry is to get people to focus less on the dental work and more on the calming relaxation from the spa-like setting. For example, people always feel relaxed when visiting spas because they allow themselves to let go a little and feel better. Likewise, this can reduce stress and anxiety levels about visiting the dentist.

Facials and face massages can also be done during longer procedures. Many patients complain that having their mouths open and jaws stretched for so long causes pain, which makes them want to move about and close their mouths. A short massage can loosen up the muscles in the face and allow the dentist to finish working.

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