What is a personal trainer?

by | May 16, 2013 | Health

A personal trainer is someone who is qualified to teach someone else what is needed to achieve the desired level of fitness. A personal trainer in Chicago is not just a person who can show others how to operate the equipment found in the gym, he is a person who has the experience and skill to help his clients reach the peak of their performance based on their individual body.

There are a number of benefits to using a personal trainer; this is true for those who are going to the gym for the first time as well as those that are regulars. The personal trainer in Chicago starts with an analysis of your lifestyle; how much exercise to you get, what is your normal diet and what kind of lifestyle do you have as well as what fitness level you hope to achieve.

Once the personal trainer has a good understanding of who you are and what you want, he can work out an exercise program that is specific for his client, no one else. The trainer will optimize workouts that cater to your initial fitness level and then as time goes by, the levels will increase. By this time you will see and feel the differences.

The big problem with working with a fitness trainer who sets up a disciplined schedule is willpower. In the first couple of weeks, most clients are very enthusiastic about what they are doing and then boredom sets in. A personal trainer who is really good will see this happening and provide encouragement for his client, pointing out all the positive benefits that are going to come out of it, both physically and in self-confidence.

The personal trainer in Chicago will develop a nutrition program to go along with the physical program that he has designed. The trainer will give nutritional information which will help his client either lose weight or many cases, gain it. As the diet is specific for the individual, the results will be seen quite quickly.

An important benefit of having a personal trainer is safety. All too often people head for the gym and begin pushing themselves well beyond their capabilities. This will do little for their level of fitness and may cause far more harm than good.

At Hard Pressed you will find yourself in the capable hands of a personal trainer in Chicago that will progressively work you in the safest possible way, getting you the results you wanted, all bundled in short sharp sessions.

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