What Happens During a Customized Breast Form and Mastectomy Bra Fitting?

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You must have your breast prosthesis fitting and mastectomy bra fitting performed by an experienced and professional fitter to achieve a realistic, natural look. Breast forms are available in a variety of styles, shapes, brands, and sizes to ensure an accurate fit for every woman.

What is A Breast Prosthesis or Breast Form?

Breast prostheses are artificial breast replacements that act as a filler for women who have lost either one of, or both of their breasts to cancer.
Most of the time, prostheses are made of a silicone gel material, molded to mimic the natural breast shape and weight. These are a non-invasive alternative to reconstruction surgery, which surgically corrects the missing breast through implants. In fact, some women who have reconstruction surgery done are unhappy with the results and choose to have partial prostheses made to even the size of their breasts.

While many women utilize breast prosthesis as a long-term solution, some women are fitted for temporary breast prostheses. These can be worn during the recovery period, to create a natural look in patients who are not yet recovered and ready to have reconstructive surgery done.

Other women never have reconstructive surgery and choose not to use prostheses at all.

What Happens at A Prosthesis Fitting?

At your breast form or mastectomy bra fitting, your fitter will walk you through the entire process from your free consultation, to your final fitting. Your prosthesis is designed to match your skin tone, create a natural shape, and feel comfortable on your skin.

Many women report that a prosthesis fitting is very similar to that of a bra fitting. A staff member will assist you in choosing a prosthesis that gives your body a natural, healthy-looking shape while also supporting the healthy breast in individuals with only one prosthesis. For those with two prostheses, proper fit of the breast prosthesis is essential to ensure that everything stays in place, and no slipping occurs.

First, a scan is taken to determine the dimensions and shape needed to complete your particular prosthesis. This process gives each of our clients a personalized experience with which they are likely to be satisfied. Once the prosthesis arrives, we will contact you to schedule a final fitting.

During the final fitting, you would be smart to wear an easily removable, light colored top. This makes it easier to determine the right shape and fit of your prosthesis. It might be helpful to think about your needs before the fitting, so you’re prepared to answer any questions your fitter may ask. Your fitter might ask you questions like what kind of physical activity you typically do or what kind of clothing and/or swimwear you like to wear.

What Should I Expect During A Mastectomy Bra Fitting?

Your breast prosthesis will be worn underneath a post-surgical bra or mastectomy bra.

Mastectomy bras are available in various shapes and sizes. Some bras are designed to stimulate movement and prevent chafing, such as Anita sports bras which include a soft lining along the edges to eliminate discomfort with movement. Others are designed for everyday wear, loungewear, and sleepwear like Amoena bras and Jodee bras.

During your fitting, a licensed fitter will review these options with you to determine the best mastectomy bra for your particular body and needs. Generally, mastectomy bras include pockets to hold your prostheses in place, but for women who have had reconstruction, bras are available without these additional pockets.

Bring your prostheses with you to your mastectomy bra fitting, to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

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