What Constitutes a Dental Emergency in Phoenix? 3 Examples to Consider

There are some dental issues that can wait until the next business day. Others need to be resolved as quickly as possible. How do you determine if the problem constitutes a dentist emergency in Phoenix and when it’s something that can wait? Here are three examples of emergencies that will help give you a point of reference.

A Tooth is Completely Knocked Out

Due to a sudden fall or some other type of accident, one of your teeth came out completely. Before assuming there’s nothing that can be done, remember that it could be saved if you seek help now. Call the dentist and describe what happened. You’ll receive instructions on how to protect the tooth while you are on the way to the clinic. In the best-case scenario, the tooth can be returned to the socket and you’ll completely heal from the event.

One or More Teeth are Broken Suddenly

While no teeth were knocked out, the accident did leave you with one or more teeth that was badly cracked and broken. At this juncture, the goal is to ease the pain and also protect those teeth from further damage. Prompt attention by a dental professional will ensure the best possible outcome. You may even find that a quick response to this dentist emergency in Phoenix will allow you to avoid further damage while restoring the appearance of your teeth.

Pain That You Can’t Calm No Matter What You Try

You’ve tried everything that you know to calm the pain in your teeth and gums. From applying ice to taking over-the-counter pain relievers to using one of those pain kits from the pharmacy, nothing seems to work. There’s a chance that a gum infection is the underlying cause of the pain. Treating this like a regular dentist emergency in Phoenix will ensure a professional determines if an infection is present. If so, the methods used will soon provide you with relief.

When in doubt, it never hurts to call a dentist and explain what’s happening. Depending on the nature of the problem and the amount of pain you’re experiencing, immediate treatment may be in order.

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