What Car Services Must I Do at the Beginning of Summer in Albany?

While preparing your car for winter seems like a natural thing, should you prepare it for summer fun? It’s not so big a priority, but should it be?

To begin with, your car’s exterior is contaminated by winter and spring driving substances. In particular, road salt can cling to spots in the wheel wells and behind your body casings. Spring showers can also mess up your car. Give your car a good wash. You’d be surprised how dirty it is from spring mud baths.

Secondly, changes in temperature affect the inflation of your tires. Check the tire pressure, and adjust it accordingly, or have a professional at a Subaru Impreza in Walnut Creek, CA, dealership check it. If you swap your tires out when the mercury dips into the forties, it’s time to switch back to summer tires again. Inspect the tires as they come off, and look for worn tread or damaged sidewalls. The wear bars become visible with age and can be seen in the tracks on the pavement. The balance weights might also be missing from the rim. Once your summer tires are on, check the air pressure. Tires are an important part of your car. Don’t take air pressure readings lightly.

Thirdly, check the level of your engine motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid in your car. Ask a mechanic at your Subaru Impreza in Walnut Creek, CA, dealership to check it. Make sure the fluid colors look right and that the levels are correct. Finally, winter is rough on parts like windshield wipers and car panels. Check the damage winter has done to your car body, and repair if necessary. Windshield wipers get mangled, torn and worn in the wintertime. Replace them if necessary.

For all your car service needs, contact Albany Subaru.

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