What can be Expected from Automotive Inspection Service in Fort Riley, KS?

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Automotive

Before the average person takes an out-of-town trip, he or she will take the vehicle to an automotive service center for inspection. If their cars fail the automotive inspection, the inspecting technician will make recommendations for repairs. Depending on the extensiveness of the repairs, and whether or not the vehicle is safe to drive, the car owner may elect to fix the repairs after his or her trip. There is an automotive mechanic shop that provides its automotive inspection service in Fort Riley KS. These are some of the issues that are necessary to repair before taking a trip.

When a vehicle is first put on the road in Kansas, there is an inspection fee of $20. The driver may also need the title and registration during the inspection process. The driver will also need to have Form MVE-1. Afterwards, the driver will take the pink receipt from the MVE-1, plus the title, registration and other document fees to the county treasurer. It is there that the title and registration process will be completed. Then, there are times of the regular inspection in order to ensure the automobile is running properly.

Things that will ground a vehicle from taking a trip include, but are not limited to the headlights or any of the lighting, water pump issues, alternator or generator issues, transmission problems, and leaks in the engine. If any of these items are not working, it is advisable to leave the vehicle in the shop for thorough repair. There couldn’t be less worse than having the car break down two or three hundred miles out of town.

Ekart Automotive has been inspecting vehicles in the Manhattan, Kansas and Fort Riley, Kansas areas for over six decades. In addition to automobile inspections for repair, the mechanic shop has been providing engine servicing, brakes servicing, and servicing of transmissions. The shop also does air conditioning service and repair. The technicians at Ekart are ASE-certified and are dedicated to ensuring that the automobiles are safely and properly fit for driving. If in need of Automotive Inspection Service in Fort Riley KS, visit the shop. “Contact us,” the technicians at Ekart Automotive urges.

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