What are the Various Types of Ear Plugs and Tunnels and their Application?

Ear lugs and Tunnels is the latest awesome trend that has taken the fashion and jewelry industry by storm. Ear Piercing Tunnels and plugs are the real deal now! These pieces of jewelry have so many styles and options. This creates endless possibilities for plugs and Tunnel enthusiasts.

There are five types of flesh tunnels and plugs. They include the following;


This type of flesh tunnel and ear pug is flared on both ends. Also, the flares are fixed. This means that the piercing needs to be enlarged through stretching more than the size of the gauge.


Screw-fit flesh tunnels and earplugs are flared on both ends. The design for this earplug is similar to a double-flared piercing. However, as the name suggests, the end of this piercing can effortlessly be screwed off. Fixing the piercing is easy since it doesn’t have any stretching problems. All you have to do is unscrew the end of the piercing and immediately insert it. Afterward, you screw the top back in place.


Both ends of this piercing are flared. It has a smooth edge compared to a double-flared piercing. The smooth edges make it effortless to insert.


This piercing is ridged. It is larger than the indicated gauge size. The non-ridged end is held and inserted with an O-ring. Once the side is inserted, a little stretching is involved.


No-flared plugs and Ear-Piercing Tunnels have a similar size throughout. They two are held in position using a silicone O-ring. Since they are of equal size, flesh tunnels and non-flared plugs are perfect for ear stretching and heal faster because there is no added stress on the ear piercing.

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