What are the Advantages of Scrim Roof Reinforcement Products

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Roofing

Scrim can look like a lattice or grid. It can be made from continuous filament products (yarns). It can be bonded to glass, polyester, polypropulene, paper, and other similar goods. Scrim (yarns glued together/open mesh) is used to reinforce flexible duct barrier, sails, tarps, tapes, reflective insulation, radiant barriers, and any other fabrics, or film. It can also be used as reinforcement for insulation facings, or asphalt based commercial roofing products. Scrim products are most commonly used in the construction industry as a component to other products. This article will discuss the advantages of using scrim and other products for roof reinforcement.

Flat and Low Sloping Roofs
Most flat or low-sloping roof membranes have three main components:

 * Weathering layer or layers – the weatherproofing segment is considered the most critical component since it keeps water from going through a roof.
 * Reinforcement – fortification adds quality, cut resistance, and minimizes dependability to a layer.
 * Surfacing – this segment shields the weatherproofing and reinforcement from weather conditions. A few advantages to surfacing include expanded imperviousness to fire, hail resistance, and expanded solar reflectivity.

Advantages of Using Scrim for Roof Reinforcement
Scrim can be adequately used to strengthen the membrane of a flat or low sloping rooftop. The scrim can enhance and significantly improve the tear and punching resistance of the membrane, and the dimensional security.

Because of the reinforcement by scrim and the combination of fiberglass, polyester and other materials, the membrane of the roof membrane can oppose compelling climate conditions. Other advantages include lower energy costs, easy to install, provides and offers great durability. Their extraordinary proportion thickness is also a vital point of preference in comparison to other methods.

Rooftop reinforcement with scrim and different substances, for example, polyester or fiberglass has been used with great success for many years. This is due to its flexibility, excellent dimensional stability, durability and puncture resistance capability.

For top of the line scrim, fiberglass or other roof reinforcement products look for a company that offers high quality products and exceptional service. This will help to ensure that your company receives the best products for the best value.

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