What Are Some Characteristics of Modern Interior Signage in Dallas, TX?

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Sign Shop

Signage is an important tool to advertise your business and help create the kind of image that you want to present for your business. Interior signage is also crucial as it helps customers navigate your business, for example when it comes to finding a bathroom. Finding the best modern interior signage in Dallas, TX helps show that you care about your business and that you are at the cutting edge of your business.

However, following modern trends in signage is easier said than done. Here are some features that can make your interior signs seem up-to-date.

Custom Shapes

A lot of modern interior signage in Dallas, TX stands out thanks to its custom cutting. Instead of using standard signs in your business, get a custom sign made that fits the theme and branding of your business. For example, a bathroom sign in a restaurant may be shaped like a burger or other relevant thing. These whimsical twists make your business seem modern.

Bold Typography

Typefaces go a long way towards making your signage seem modern. Bold typography and custom fonts are becoming more and more popular. These fonts are also more accessible because they are easier to read than more complex cursive fonts that were popular a few years ago.

Minimalist Design

Modern interior signage in Dallas, TX is also trending towards minimalism. Neon interior signs and fancy décor are starting to look dated, while minimalist signage provides a timeless look.

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