What a Roofer in Orland Park Can Do

Leaky roof repair is one of the most costly and common jobs for homeowners, but the homeowner can help keep a small issue from becoming a source of financial devastation when they read more info here. A local roofing contractor can assess a roof’s potential risks while helping the homeowner keep the roof in good shape for years. While the elements and age play a key role in roof deterioration, a Roofer in Orland Park can do much to prevent leaks and minimize damage.

Inspection of Protruding Parts

If it comes through the roof, it should be inspected by a pro. Vents, skylights and chimneys are all penetration points for water, and the roofer should evaluate sealants and flashing in these areas at least twice per year. The roofer will look for cracks and wet spots, and they’ll also inspect satellite and cable connections for water-tightness.

Look at the Attic

There may be more than dust bunnies hiding in the attic; moisture, mold and algae can lurk there as well. To ensure that a home’s attic isn’t letting water in, the intake vents should be cleaned regularly. While on the job, the roofing contractor can check the attic insulation for moisture as well as signs of algae and mold growth. By catching these signs early, they can be addressed before bigger problems arise.

Watch Out for Bugs

If one lives in a place prone to ants, termites or other bugs, they should have their roof inspected once yearly for signs of pest intrusion. Rotten spots, sawdust, shredded wood and bug droppings are all indicators that something is getting into the roof. If any of these issues are spotted, a contractor can help the homeowner get rid of the unwanted guests before serious damage occurs.

Clean Out the Gutters

Gutters are installed to divert rainwater away from the home and its foundation. When they are clogged with debris and leaves, the water begins to pool and it eventually finds its way through tiny cracks in the roof. Occasional cleaning can help prevent overflow and extend the gutters’ lifespan. While homeowners can perform this step themselves, a Roofer in Orland Park can make the job quick, easy and safe.

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