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by | Oct 21, 2011 | Health

Yes, we would like to live in a world free of discrimination, where one’s race, colour, height, weight need not lead one to wish they would be able to live in outer space, far away from humanity. There are somethings one can’t change but those that we can, we surely must try.

Yes, you can!
Weight loss definitely falls within this ‘I can change’ category and not just because you want to put an end to the humiliation obesity brings along, but because you’d rather live than die due to obesity. However, weight loss is a lasting process and one often needs constant motivation and help to work it through completely so that it shows the desired results.

Bring out the calculator
One way of ensuring your weight loss schedule doesn’t go for a toss is to learn to calculate one’s weight loss percentage? How does that help you ask? It is similar to tracking a company’s growth chart. When you know where you stand right now, where you were before, you will be only tempted more to keep growing and a chart keeps these values in front of you constantly as a reminder. Apply this to your weight loss program and you may just find changes taking place much more quickly. You’ll also realize when you need to stop over-doing and continue on those that are working in your benefit.

Go back to maths!
How do you calculate your weight percentage then? Those afraid of that along with weight loss you now need to include another complex topic, that is, maths, fear not! All it requires is your initial weight (IW), your actual weight (AW) at this moment and the formula goes: ((IW-AW)/IW)* 100 = weight loss percentage.

This simple formula opens up a number of different possibilities, such as, you shall be able to create an Excel sheet for yourself that will automatically calculate your weight loss for you and help you keep track of your progress easily. As mentioned before, this could just be the motivation-booster you required.

So, what are you waiting for? Work out and work with the maths.

weight loss

weight loss

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