Ways to Make Your Child Feel Comfortable in Apple Valley Schools

If you have children, then there will likely be a day when you send them off to school. Here are a few ways that you can prepare your child for this exciting time in their life along with making the transition a bit easier for you as well.

Take a Tour

Make sure you visit one of the elementary schools near Apple Valley, CA, so that your child knows where the classrooms are as well as other important areas, such as the cafeteria and the library. Show your child where the bus is located if you aren’t going to take them to school. You can also use this time to introduce your child to teachers and other staff in the school.

Feelings and Concerns

Take the time to talk about your child’s feelings after visiting elementary schools near Apple Valley, CA. Answer questions in an honest way but in a manner that’s easy for your child to understand. If your child is afraid of going to school, try reading a few books or talking with older children about what to expect. You could also ask if you can walk your child into the classroom for the first few days of school so that they are comfortable.

Make Preparing Fun

When you go shopping for school supplies and clothes, try to make the trip fun for your child. This can sometimes take away some of the fears that they might have about a new facility. Let your child choose a bookbag, folders, a lunchbox, and fun clothes for the first day.

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