Veterinary Nurses Have Important Roles

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Veterinary

A veterinary nurse holds a significant role at animal clinics or hospitals. It is not uncommon to have a nurse at a zoo, laboratory, or pet care clinic. A vet nurse is responsible for all of the support functions that a veterinary surgeon would need at a clinic or hospital.

A veterinary nurse is not one who carries out bookkeeping or assisting in on minor procedures in a clinic. A Chicago animal medical care nurse assists a veterinary surgeon during operations, conducts tests, takes blood samples, and changes dressings on the animals following surgery.

Point of Contact

Often times the veterinary nurse is the contact between the surgeon and the pet owner. The role of the nurse is to provide all support functions necessary for the vet surgeon and for the pet owners as well.

Demanding work

Being a veterinary nurse is not an easy occupation. It is very demanding because many times the animals are in life and death situations and the nurse and surgeon must do all they can to save the lives of a pet. However, it is all worth it when the pet recovers and is returned to the arms of its loving owner.


Veterinary nurses usually take one of two routes for training. One is vocational. The nurse becomes employed while a student at a veterinary clinic or hospital. The on-the-job training helps the trainee gain qualification to be a veterinary nurse. The other method is undergraduate study. This involves studying and working and often times there is not pay involved as it is considered part of the educational process.

For a veterinary practice to qualify to train a veterinary nurse it must have an operating room, a consulting area, prep area, boarding kennels, and a laboratory with x-ray equipment. That ensures that the veterinary clinic is full service and allows for the nurse to learn the entire gamut needed to provide services as a registered veterinary nurse.

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