Using A Tree Service in Bronx NY To Move A Tree To A New Location

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Tree Services

If someone decides to move to another location within the same town, and they have a fruit tree on their property that they would like to bring along, it will be necessary to take the proper steps in its relocation so it does not get damaged in the process. Hiring a tree service in Bronx NY to handle the transplanting of a tree is best as they will know how to do this without putting the tree into shock. Here are some of the steps that will be taken to ensure the tree is moved without incident.

The Right Time Will Be Selected

Most deciduous trees will need to be moved during the wintertime. This is when trees are dormant, making it less likely that they will die from the shock of a new habitat. It will be best to move the tree during a warmer day in the winter so the tree can be dug from the ground a bit easier.

A New Location Will Be Found

The tree service will take a look at the new property to find the perfect location to replant the tree. They will try to place the tree in a spot where the soil is similar with nutrient content to the soil in the present location. The tree will also need to be put in a spot where there are no underground wires, trees, or no overhanging electrical wires nearby.

The Tree Will Be Moved

The service will dig the tree from its present location and take care in wrapping the roots in wet burlap so they do not dry out during the move. A hole will be dug in the new location and it will be filled with water to help saturate the ground where the tree will be moved to. The service will then strap the tree to a vehicle and bring it to the new location so they can ease it into the dug hole. Mulch will be placed around the base of the tree after the soil is replaced.

When a homeowner wishes to move their own tree, hiring a tree service in Bronx NY to help with the task is best. Call a business like Arnoldos Tree Service to help with the transplanting process today.

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