Uses of LIMS Software

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Laboratory Computers and Software

Modernized genomics studies produce an unprecedented quantity of information. Faced with rising volumes of data and sample throughput alongside near-ongoing changes within technology laboratories wanting to streamline laboratory operation and slash expenses have to in turn modernize their approach to centralizing, tracking and managing genomics information.

An LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) includes software allowing you to manage efficiently samples and related information to improve laboratory efficiency. By utilizing an LIMS, your laboratory may integrate instruments, automate workflows, and manage samples and related data. Labs that use LIMS software increase their degree of professionalism and their capability of meeting customer demand in the following ways:

• LIMS assists labs in producing reproducible, accurate results more reliably and faster
• LIMS will make information from sequencing runs simpler to track, store, and evaluate over time and around experiments for labs to assess and improve operational efficiency

Do you need an LIMS?

Most next-generation genomics laboratories are faced with the daunting chore of attempting to manage daily lab activity and large data volumes. Some of the more typical challenges involve:

• Handling the significant and ongoing increase in the volume and throughput of information related to sequencing runs
• Discovering scalable ways to track and organize samples and related information
• Sustaining connections between samples as well as related information from the minute samples enter the laboratory to when information is reported
• Decreasing the quantity of time spent manually managing and processing samples
• Retrieving and storing information related to projects, whether they were performed yesterday or the previous year
• Sustaining in-house solutions like Microsoft Excel or homegrown systems which are simple to use and relevant to the protocols and instruments needed to move research plans ahead

How is a commercial LIMS going to help my laboratory?

A commercial LIMS software may streamline laboratory operations, increase the level professionalism of your core services laboratory, and improve the quality of genomics studies.

An excellent commercial LIMS ought to:

• Offer end-to-end data management of tests, samples, as well as results for next-generation genomics laboratories
• Accommodate various users with role-based interfaces to optimize efficiency in the lab
• Be simple for staff to customize and configure
Provide out-of-the-box reports and capability of creating customized reports
• Allow a laboratory to get quickly up and to operate upon its preferred instrumentation

An excellent commercial LIMS is going to assist in presenting your laboratory in a professional way to granting bodies and collaborators by allowing you to manage workflows and samples from end-to-end, making sure of quality traceable results, and significantly improving overall laboratory operations and efficiency.

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