Uses for Residential Fire Doors in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Garage Door Supplier

Residential Fire Doors in Pittsburgh PA can be installed in strategic locations throughout a home to ensure that residents are able to exit safely in the event that there is a fire. These specialty doors also help to slow the spread of fires, which gives firefighters more time to put it out before it can cause substantial damage to the home.

Fire Door Ratings

Ratings for fire doors range from 20 to 180 minutes, but most residential Fire Doors in Pittsburgh PA are rated at 20 minutes. That means residents have an extra 20 minutes before the fire will be able to break through the door. However, fire doors can only provide adequate protection when the adjoining walls are also flame resistant.

How Do They Work?

Most residential fire doors are fabricated from metal coated with either fiberglass or wood. The door hinges are also equipped with ball bearings and an electromagnetic coil that allows the door to be connected to the home’s alarm system for automatic latching. These self-closing doors shut on their own when the fire alarms sound or there is a power failure, helping to ensure that the fire is not able to spread.

Expanding Doors

Some fire doors are constructed from materials that expand when they are subjected to heat. This expansion allows an airtight seal to be created between rooms, but once the seal has been formed, the doors can no longer be opened. It’s important to consider a secondary exit strategy before installing expanding doors.

Placement of Fire Doors

The best place to install residential fire doors is in between sleeping areas and the areas of the home that are most likely to catch on fire. It’s a good idea to install them between the home’s heating unit or hot water heater and the area of the home that is currently inhabited. Other ideal locations include the ends of hallways and the tops and bottoms of stairwells.

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