Unleashing Power in a Compact Package: The SeeRay Series Redefines High-Power X-Ray Requirements

When it comes to high-power X-ray applications, striking a balance between performance and compactness is essential. The SeeRay series, with its cutting-edge design and advanced features, addresses those requirements. Here’s how.

Unmatched Power

The diamond anode and direct anode water cooling allows it to achieve power densities of up to 1.5W/µm. This helps make it the ideal choice for applications that demand optimal precision and performance. And, by efficiently dissipating heat through the water-cooling system, the SeeRay series ensures reliable operation – even under high-power conditions, maintaining accuracy and prolonging the tube’s lifespan.

Unleashing High Power up to 100W

One of the remarkable aspects of the SeeRay series is its ability to deliver high power outputs, reaching up to 100W. Despite its compact size, this series offers unparalleled power capabilities, making it suitable for various demanding X-ray applications. Whether you require intense radiation for industrial processes or intricate imaging in the medical field, the SeeRay series provides the power necessary to meet your specific requirements.

Ultra-Fast Spot Stabilization

The SeeRay series also boasts an ultra-fast spot stabilization time of less than 5 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient workflow in time-sensitive operations. Whether you need to capture rapid X-ray images or require frequent spot adjustments, the SeeRay series helps you work with maximum productivity and minimal interruption.

Compact Design

As a microfocus x-ray tube, it offers exceptional power and performance in a compact form factor. Its design prioritizes efficiency and space optimization, allowing for seamless integration into diverse X-ray systems.

Unwavering Radiation Shielding and Safety

Safety is paramount when working with X-ray equipment, and the SeeRay series is designed with comprehensive radiation shielding and high-voltage isolation. This ensures minimal radiation leakage and protects both operators and patients.

The SeeRay series exemplifies the synergy of power, compactness, and efficiency in high-power X-ray applications. When addressing the requirements for higher power in a compact package, the SeeRay series emerges as an industry-leading solution. To learn more contact Micro X-Ray Inc. today.

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