Understanding the Process of Getting and Using Pinellas County Bail Bonds

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Bail Bond

When you have been arrested, you want to get out as quickly as possible. The last thing that you want to do is stay behind bars until your next court date.

However, when the arraignment judge has set your bail too high, you need to contact Omar’s bail bonds in order to get out. By knowing how to apply for and get bail bonds Pinellas County FL defendants can get out of jail in a matter of hours.

Paying the 10 Percent

A bail bondsman from Omar’s Bail Bonds will front the money to get you out of jail. This amount of money is typically 10 percent of whatever your bail amount is. If your bail is set at $5000, the bail bondsman will pay $500 to secure your release.

When you contact a company for bail bonds Pinellas County FL clients like you will be bound to pay back this $500 even if you are found not guilty or the charges are dropped against you. This 10 percent is a profit for the bail bonds agency.

Putting Up Collateral

The bail bondsman will also promise the court that you will show up to your next court date. To compel you to show up, the bondsman will have you put up collateral to secure the remainder of your bail. If you fail to show up to court, the collateral will be sold, and you will have a new warrant issued for your arrest.

You can find out more about bail bonds online. Contact Omarsbailbonds.com at


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