Understanding Teeth Whitening Procedures in Keasbey

by | May 6, 2013 | Dentist

Whether you plan to utilize an over the counter treatment option or you plant to visit a Cosmetic dentist for a Teeth Whitening Keasbey procedure, your well aware that you have a variety of options available to you. However, choosing the right one is important if you plan to have lasing results. However, before you can make this decision, it’s important to understand exactly what tooth whitening is before you get started.


With age and lifestyle factors, the color and natural whiteness of your teeth can change. These factors include smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine and certain foods that change the color of your teeth. Teeth Whitening Keasbey procedures work to correct these discolorations and restore a brighter and whiter smile.


There are a number of teeth whitening options available on the market ranging from inexpensive at-home treatments to more costly treatments performed by a dental professional. However, in the world of teeth whitening – you get what you pay for. At home options typically utilize whitening strips, gels or bleaches to accomplish their goal. Depending on the product you may see results in as little as one hour or it may take several months before you notice anything. One thing remains the same however, at home treatments are only temporary with results typically only lasting around 6 months or so. With in-office treatment options, such as laser whitening, you’ll see results right away and with proper maintenance the results will last you a lifetime.


One of the first things people notice about another person is their smile. A bright and white smile is a good sign and can aid in leaving a positive lasting impression. However, a smile that is opposite of that can leave a less than positive impression. Having a Teeth Whitening Keasbey procedure performed provides individuals with that bright smile they deserve. It also helps them to be more confident in their looks and excited to go out and meet new people.


There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to teeth whitening, the most alarming is that it can cause oral cancer. However, this is far from true. Over the years, research has been performed to find a connection between the two, but no evidence was found to support this claim. In fact, teeth whitening is a completely safe procedure with a number of lasting benefits.




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