Understanding Physical Therapy

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Chiropractic

Physical therapy is a treatment approach used to relieve or eliminate pain, improve strength, improve range of motion and optimize the patient’s ability to move and function in everyday life. Joints, nerves, muscles and bones may be treated by a Physical Therapist Hopewell Junction to treat a variety of conditions. With the help of Physical Therapy in Hopewell Junction, a patient can improve his or her overall quality of life.

When starting physical therapy, a patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation is designed to determine the extent of the patient’s problems and to set the goals for treatment. Once this evaluation has been done, the therapist conducts a detailed functional and neuromuscular exam to see what is leading to the identified issues and to form a treatment plan.

The Physical Therapist Hopewell Junction uses a wide range of treatments, depending on what the patient needs. Manual techniques, including manipulation, massage and soft tissue mobilization, may benefit the patient, while some need therapeutic activities and exercises. These exercises are designed to improve the patient’s range of motion, relieve his or her pain, increase strength and improve function. The activities and exercises are an integral part of any physical therapy treatment program. In addition, the therapist works with the patient to improve posture while educating the patient on how to prevent future injury or damage. Patients given this information are more likely to maintain the results they achieve in treatment.

Many patients are under the impression that physical therapy involves a great deal of pain and that it will be similar in many ways to torture. This is not the case at all. Although patients may experience some pain as a result of their injuries or medical conditions, the therapist works to reduce the pain and relieve symptoms. The goal is always to improve the patient’s ability to function as this helps to speed the recovery process.

Patients may feel they are being tortured, but the physical therapist is doing nothing more than pushing the patient to reach his or her full potential. Effort is required on the part of the patient and he or she may feel tortured, but pain isn’t required to achieve results. The goal remains to improve overall functioning and movement and some discomfort is to be expected.

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