Understanding Personal Injury Cases for Brain Injuries in AZ

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A brain injury could alter your life in many ways, including altering your personality completely. Many circumstances lead to brain injuries, such as auto accidents, work-related accidents, and medical malpractice. If you’ve sustained a serious injury, the best brain injury law firm in Phoenix, AZ could present you with opportunities to get compensation for these devastating occurrences.

Discovering a Brain Injury

After an accident, the brain may swell, which makes it challenging to assess the brain immediately. Circumstances such as a coma could also delay these discoveries. The statute of limitations for personal injuries doesn’t apply to children or anyone who is incapacitated or isn’t of sound mind.

How Was the Injury Caused?

You or your family file a personal injury lawsuit after another party causes your brain injury due to negligence. For instance, a drunk driver is negligent if they cause an accident resulting in a brain injury. Surgical risks that weren’t disclosed to the patient and caused brain injuries are another reason to file a claim. In the evidence, you must show that the other party’s actions, negligence, or intentions caused the injury.

Understanding Compensation for a Brain Injury

A brain injury law firm in Phoenix, AZ offers helpful insights into what you can expect if you win your case. For example, you would receive punitive damages if a doctor caused your brain injury. Economic damages would include your financial losses, including medical expenses, auto repairs, or other related expenses.

Brain injuries lead to severe impairments, coma, or even death. Many circumstances can cause these injuries, and life-altering effects could increase expenses or create further losses for the victim and their family. Reviewing what to do after a brain injury helps determine your next step.

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